Monday, June 24, 2013

How to Avoid Being an Obsessive Girlfriend

Romantic love can cause one to be a little obsessive, yearning to spend time together as much as possible. However, submerging yourself in this way can soon lead to an all-consuming preoccupation. If you get overly emotionally attached, it's not hard to start assuming that your partner shares the same feelings and desires. For the most part, it’s not the case and it can be overwhelming for your partner to find that your deep feelings have turned obsessive. To avoid pushing your lover away from you, rein in the fixation to restore your relationship's balance.

1. See to it that your life doesn’t revolve around your partner. If at all possible, maintain and actively pursue new and old hobbies and personal interests and see to it that your social life remains active with a circle of friends outside of his/her.

2. Pursue your professional and educational goals. Career or academic advancement will be keeping you busy and comes with rewards since ambition is very attractive.

3. Always be aware of your behavior. Identifying the problem is essential to solving it. This applies to just about any aspect of life, and dating is never an exception. Always remind yourself about the effects of clinginess, and keep your own behavior in check, seeing to it that you don’t impose on your partner’s personal life beyond reason.

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