Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dating Myths Exposed

There are dating rules that act like they are gospel truths, when in fact, they should be kicked to the curb.

Myth: "If I'm destined to be in a relationship, then the universe/God/fate will make it happen."
Fact: If you are able to make your own career, then you can make your own love story. Make it happen.

Myth: Only slutty girls flirt.
Fact: You're just having fun, you're not out to snare every guy.

Myth: Men should always make the first move, considering they like the thrill of the chase.
Fact: Before a guy makes a move, he needs a subtle hint that he won't be rejected right then and there. Smile.

Myth: A girl must play hard to get at all times.
Fact: Play hard to get, not hard to get to know.

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