Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Why Your Guy Wants You to Like His Friends

It’s a bummer if a girlfriend does not get along with her guy’s friends. Imagine if a girl constantly gets pissed with her guy’s buddies whom he has known forever, the ones he knows he can rely on during tough times, the ones he has shared precious moments with. If you’re this type of girlfriend, heed these tips:

1. Hang out with them
You need not be a diehard NBA fan or a beer pong expert just to be with your guy’s best friends, just get a feel of their vibe, and try being around them. Your guy’s friends are an important part of his life. More to these, if they approve of you, they are highly likely to keep you involved and in the know.

2. Be Aware That They Know Everything
If you can’t make your guy spill more about himself, you can ask your guy’s friends. Just stay away from touchy topics like ex-girlfriends and sexual escapades.

3. They Can Be Your Extra Ears
When the shit hits the fan and things get rocky between you and your guy, you can have them as extra set of ears to hear you out.

4. Two Thumbs Up
Make the effort to be approved of by your man’s buddies since their opinion is just as important as your friends’. If you really care about your guy, you can cross that bridge.

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