Sunday, August 4, 2013

I Feel Bad About My Relationship. Is It Going To Get Better?

Q: I feel bad about my relationship. Is it going to get better? How do you know you are progressing into the good?

A: The answer to that question is three-fold. First, you know things are progressing into the good when you feel happier and more at peace no matter the situation.

Second, you have to do the emotional work, exert some effort to grow emotionally. You may use the relationship to help you at this, and let it be your practice ground.

Third, we all want to feel good all the time. However, there are those who believe that emotional work and relationships are only valid and worth having if there is pain. Not all pain is necessary. Things don’t have to be hard all the time. Truth be told, one way you know you are growing emotionally is that you can feel deeper joy more often than not.

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