Monday, September 2, 2013

Love But Not In Love

Q: I think my husband loves me but isn't in love with me. He's not very affectionate, he doesn’t talk so much, and he seems irritated with me. How do I deal with him?

A: It’s a classic example of the difference between men and women. You think he's zoned out of the relationship, while he thinks he's doing his best to be a good husband. If he's like most guys, he thinks his hard work and yard work are making you feel loved. You want long talks and tight hug. Thus, appreciate and acknowledge every little way he thinks he is showing his love, he'll be more open to the small gestures you need.

With regards to his apparent irritation with you, that's one way a guy could be different. You may not be the reason for it; you just happen to be the target. Tell him that if he wants to talk, you're there. Maybe when he sees you're appreciating him for him, he'll feel more at ease in general.

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