Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Why Men Don't Understand Our Fashion


Don't expect your guy to understand why you have to buy the same top in all 5 colors. Fashion, for your guy, is simply meant to be worn and shorn. Period. Basically, here are there top 5 reasons:

1. All outfits look the same to them.
 Truth is, your guy is not gonna notice the difference between cuts and fabrics, textures, and prints.

2. When it comes to fashion: no pain, all gain.
 Why should you go through all the trouble, time, effort, and even pain, just for the sake of fashion?

3. Less means more. Yup, more money!!
Fashion can hurt the wallet just as much as it can hurt physically. We all know that.

4. To them, it's always function over form.
For men, simplicity has its appeal. 

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