Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How To Move On From A Relationship Or A Crush Gone Wrong

Rejections and breakups are as fun as food poisoning. However, you should never cease to think that it happens even to the best of us. No matter how sad you feel right now, you will move on.

Do not let go right away, it’s okay to hurt and heal. Think. Wonder. Cry. Crying will help you with the pain. Rant to your friends. Take time to reflect on the situation and heal.

Delete! Every trace of your ex/ex-crush.

Start zeroing in on other things. Exercise. Paint. Make a club.

After a decent interval of time, you will realize there are many fish in the sea. Meet someone new. And who knows? He or she might be the one. 

Listen to music. For the most part, it will help you relate to your problems and will help you get over them. Music is also proven to soothe the mind.

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